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Elmhurst Eagles

Elmhurst Eagles are an important part of the Elmhurst Community and they also form a community of their own where coaches, players and families share a commitment to having fun while competing and practicing together. Eagles members support local causes and community organizations throughout the year. Our players, families and coaches also support one another, creating a powerful social opportunity for local area families.

Attendance Policy

Football and Cheer are team sports which require every player to know their responsibilities and perform as part of a TEAM. If one player is not able to practice his or her responsibilities, the rest of the TEAM pays the price. On-time attendance at all practices is critical for tackle football and cheer for safety considerations and so each player properly develops and has the opportunity to learn their TEAM responsibilities.

Elmhurst Eagles encourages participation in other sports and extra-curricular activities – we also encourage the importance of teamwork, team building and the importance of practice for safety and player development. Please understand that by joining our program, you have made a commitment and to help your player develop as part of the TEAM, commitment to our program and to the TEAM is understood to take precedence over all other commitments.

Elmhurst Eagles’s Attendance Policy is as follows:

Players are expected to be on-time (on-time is at least 10 minutes early to practice dressed and ready to go!). The expectation is players will be on time for practice and participate in pre-practice, warm-ups, etc…

Up to 3 unexcused absences are allowed during the season. A 4th unexcused provides cause a cheerleader, to be removed from the competition routine

Examples of excused absences:
-Serious illness, conatgeous illness or death in the family
-Mandatory school event
-Planned vacation prior to Choreography camp for Cheer leaders

Coaches will address excused absences and playing time accordingly. When a player knows that he is going to be absent or late, he/she has the responsibility to notify their coach in advance, otherwise it will be treated as an unexcused absence. Also, Coaches understand that occasional school conflicts arise, and we prioritize academics first. However, we also expect players to use good time management skills to complete school work and make practice.

Examples of unexcused absences:
Vacation (unless prior to Choreography camp for Cheerleaders)
Conflict with other sport;
Birthday; and, Camps, other teams, including try-outs, practices, etc… of other sports organizations.

Players with unexcused absences can expect reduced playing time. Practice attendance will be just one of the criteria to determine playing time. Playing time may be proportionately reduced for each practice missed (e.g., one practice missed during week of season minimum plays may be reduced to seven plays, two practices missed minimum plays reduced to three plays, etc…).

Elmhurst Eagles Attendance/Game Participation Policy

For safety reasons, a player that is absent for an entire week of practice between games will not be allowed to play in the next game; they will be allowed to wear their jersey and be on sidelines during game. It is also not fair to the other players who have been attending practices during the week.

Cheerleaders must be present one hour before game time to preform in the halftime routine.

Note: This does not apply to injured players that attend practices but have limited participation in practice due their injury or illness. Players that do not fully participate in practices shall be 100% cleared for contact prior to being allowed to participate in practices and/or games


Dates to Remember : 
Registration Opens - March 1, 2019
In Person Registration - March 18, 2019
In Person Registration - April 9, 2019
Last full refund date - April 30, 2019
Last partial refund date - May 31, 2019
Registration Closes - June 1, 2019